Professional Vancouver Wedding Photographer

The Knot Featured Photographer 2018 | Photographed 2 former Miss Canada’s engagements and weddings | Photographed weddings and engagements in Vancouver, Victoria, Chicago, Banff, Camore, Lake Louise, Calgary, Edmonton, Puerto Plata and Punta Cana

Professional Vancouver wedding photographer
professional Vancouver wedding photographer
Professional Vancouver wedding photographer


  • Karin did such a fabulous job before and during our wedding! She was so professional and made us feel so comfortable from the get go! Our engagement shoot was a breeze and she went over and above to get great shots of us downtown. The … Continue readingShe makes things super easy!

    She makes things super easy!

  • We had a very small wedding in our home and my wife is the most beautiful woman. I don’t photograph well on the other hand. When we got our pictures back I knew Jaslyn would look great but I wasn’t looking forward to seeing myself. … Continue readingWow wow wow

    Wow wow wow

  •   Karin is amazing! We are by far not the easiest couple to shoot and yet she was able to capture some absolute gems for our engagement session and our wedding day. We had so much fun on the shoot, running around and just being … Continue readingKarin is amazing!

    Karin is amazing!

  • Our wedding pictures made me cry when I got them back. They are so beautiful, and every moment was captured. Even moments I missed. I will cherish them forever. We loved Karin right from the minute we met her. Our engagement photos were so perfect, … Continue readingOur wedding pictures made me cry.

    Our wedding pictures made me cry.

  • We had Karin do our engagement shoot when we were in Calgary for a holiday this past summer of 2017 after we had already booked her for our wedding January of 2018 in the DR. After seeing the pictures we got back from her with … Continue readingThe Perfect Photographer for our Wedding

    The Perfect Photographer for our Wedding

  • We hired Karin for our wedding. She is not only professional and punctual, but she is a quick thinker, and can make any couple (even us!), relax and enjoy the experience. She is also one of the most bubbly and hilarious people I have had … Continue readingMemories we will cherish forever.

    Memories we will cherish forever.

  • Wow, the pictures are beautiful. Karin is so very talented, we can’t stop looking at them. Thank you so much, we are beyond grateful for you. Lisa & Kevin

    Wow, my pictures are beautiful.

  • I absolutely love Karin’s personality. She is so professional but personal. She makes sure you’re comfortable and has great ideas! Our wedding photos photos are gorgeous just like our beautiful engagement photos turned out. I plan to stick with Karin’s talent for any photography needs … Continue readingI will recommend them to anyone.

    I will recommend them to anyone.

  • Karin, you are incredibly talented. You made everyone feel so comfortable, including a few family members who don’t enjoy having their pictures taken. We love all of the shots. You really do have an amazing eye and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. if you’re looking … Continue readingI look at my wedding pictures all the time!

    I look at my wedding pictures all the time!

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Congratulations on your engagement. I look forward to capturing your thousand words. Click below to check availability for your wedding date.




Professional Vancouver Wedding Photographer

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Professional Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Professional Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Thanks for checking out my website, and considering me to be your wedding photographer. I’m a Vancouver wedding photographer, as well as an experienced destination wedding photographer. I have photographed several weddings in the Dominican Republic, as well as in Chicago and all over western Canada.

I’ve been a Knot featured photographer, as well as Editor’s pick on My Wed and FStoppers. Being a Vancouver wedding photographer is really the best career I could think of. I’m thankful that due to my many amazing clients, I have the opportunity of doing something I love so much.

I believe in doing business ethically and transparently. Because of this, you can see all of my packages. There are no hidden fees and I won’t spring any unpleasant surprises on you.

Choosing the right professional Vancouver wedding photographer for your wedding is one the most important decisions and investments for your day. Your photos are the memories that you will carry with you for life.

Many people have nice cameras now. Is that all it takes? Anyone can put a camera on auto and start snapping away. Just like anyone can put a brush to a canvass and call themselves an artist.

So what is it that makes a professional? Photography is a skill set that takes years to learn. The technical skills don’t just happen because the camera’s easy to automate. Do you know how to position your subjects in bright sun? If you say face them into the light, you need to hire me. Stat. How about general the use of light? What about when you can’t control it? How do you create a photograph that works then?

How DO photographers get that gorgeous, aesthetic blurry blurry background? Well, it’s not by putting the camera on auto. I can assure you of that. Did you know there are several settings at once that a professional photographer, who is creating photos, not just snapping at random, needs to be aware of every time the light changes? Or to create a certain mood. Or what lens to use when? And why bother changing lenses at all? I could go on, but I think you get the point.

Professional Vancouver Wedding Photographer  – Wedding photography is all about knowing how to run a wedding day. It will literally make or break your day. If I’m stressed, you’re stressed. If I’m late, you’re late. If I can’t communicate directions to family and the wedding party for formals, that has a serious impact on the mood of the day.  If I have to ask you to wait because I’m slow with my settings and can’t figure out what I need to do in certain lighting, you’re not going to be feeling much love for me.

With experience, I’ve learned to anticipate moments as well. Not just the important ones like your first kiss, but spontaneous ones that I have to learned to spot before they happen.

Being a professional Vancouver wedding photographer also means being conscientious. I am clear about the trust that you have placed in me. In short, you have me there to capture something very special. A true professional will also focus on the preparation beforehand and the post event editing. To that end I stress positive customer experience so you can carry positive memories of your wedding.

Another reason, and possibly the most important reason, to hire a professional Vancouver photographer, is this. Nothing, I mean nothing, ruins your day like a negative vendor experience. Well, maybe if your relatives decided to pull some Jerry Springer action.

The point is, I will guide you so as to keep you at ease and comfortable and having fun. Also, I will keep your day on time. You maybe didn’t consider that if your photos run late, your entire day runs late. If that happens, you have bored and hangry, cranky guests. There is a lot to photographing a wedding day effectively. It’s more than just taking pictures.

Your wedding pictures are supposed to be your memories of your happiest day ever. Not your most stressful, disappointing day ever.

It’s not just about having a nice camera.

Van Gogh had some mighty fine brushes. Granted, it’s a different skill, but the point remains. True photography is so much more than what’s in your camera bag. True photography is understanding the creation of a photograph and understanding that each photo is meant to tell a story and capture a moment. There is learning to understand and see how lighting, colours, textures and lines all work together to create a composition. Being a Vancouver wedding photographer goes a step beyond that even. I have seconds to asses all of those things and decide how to take a shot. There are so many great candid moments in a wedding. There is no time for me to stage everything. I have to read it, learn it, use it, and create.

Professional wedding photography is also about knowing your gear and learning the skills to use it to create, not just to take a photograph. It’s about never, ever shooting in automatic mode. Knowing how to use manual settings and controlling the depth, brightness and every aspect of your photo. It’s about merging the technical with the creative. And doing it quickly, without missing moments in the process.

Professional Vancouver wedding photographer

Professional Vancouver Wedding Photographer  – Available in the Vancouver area, lower mainland and surrounding islands. And I love to travel. Destination wedding? I do them often! Not quite destination but not quite in our general area? No problem.  Please contact me for destination inquiries.

Now imagine hiring a photographer and actually having fun during your photos. That’s so important. It’s not just about the end result. It’s also about how you get there.

If your experience is a pleasant one, then your photos will be beautiful. How you’re feeling can’t be hidden from the lens. It’s ok to feel awkward and stiff at first. But give it a few minutes. It won’t be a painful experience.

Professional Vancouver Wedding Photographer – Wedding Photography and Engagement sessions

Affordable, recommended professional wedding photography for your Vancouver wedding or any destination wedding – I’ll capture photos of you during your professional photography session that be different from the studio family portraits you see hanging in the dark hallway of a home. Why is that? Well, isn’t the key to a captivating photograph the subject? If you’re feeling super awkward and uncomfortable, it will show. I’ll help you out, don’t worry!

It’s very true that most of us don’t naturally feel at ease in front of the camera. You should see me when I have to be photographed. I am a better photographer than photographee, no doubt about it. That’s why I put so much focus on guiding the session and helping you feel comfortable and relaxed.  Before you know it, you will be in touch with your inner super model, and you will walk away having had an enjoyable experience.  Most importantly, your photos will beautifully reflect your personality. You will not feel the need to put your framed prints in a dark hallway or tucked away on a disk somewhere.  Browse through the galleries and contact me to book your wedding.
Vancouver wedding photographer – weddings and engagement.

Why am I a people’s choice professional photographer?

My business has been built around photographing my favourite photography subjects – people! Whether you are getting married or are newly engaged, hiring the right professional photographer to capture the memories of your milestone is important.

All the prices are listed (see the menu). The best way of doing business is to be completely transparent. No tricky sales tactics to try to up sell you upon inquiry. You know your budget, and you know your needs. The aim is to make every aspect of your experience with your photography experience as pleasant and pain free as possible.

I have experience, creativity and keep in mind that you are entrusting me with your memories. I will deliver to you the best possible product. I keep prices affordable and service standards  high. And I always strive you give you a memorable, fun, stress free experience – during your session and afterward. If you’re looking for an experienced,  creative and affordable Vancouver wedding photographer contact me with any questions.

For all your Professional Photography needs – Professional Vancouver Wedding Photographer

I’m working diligently-ish at being better with social media to keep you entertained and inspired. Keep up with me on the Fotogratopia Facebook page, or on Instagram.

Wedding photography is the best kind of story telling, and I’m looking forward to tellling your story. No matter if you’re looking for a destination photographer or a Vancouver wedding  photographer. I’ll deliver photos that you’ll love to look back on.

And a couple of bragging rights I have… I’m a Knot feautured photographer, and I have had the pleasure of photographing, not just one,  but TWO former Miss Canadas.

If you would like more information or are ready to book a session, contact me! I’m quick to respond.


Vancouver Wedding Photographer | Destination Wedding Photographer

Professional Vancouver Wedding Photographer

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