About Me





As you entrust me with some of the most precious and important moments of your lives, I want you to feel comfortable with who you're hiring. On your wedding day I will be stalking you all day. You need to like me. You need to feel comfortable so your photos tell the story of you and highlight your personalities.
I have found that if you connect with my work, you will likely connect with me. And I will do my very best to deliver a product that you will love forever.
I'm Karin.
I'm a quirky girl with a camera who has a knack for seeing the beautiful, reading people & emotions and being able to capture that one frame at a time.  I do this because I love this. I am a people person, and I naturally gravitated towards photographing them.
Moving around quite a bit when I was younger turned me into an observer. I never seemed to be in one place long enough to let roots grow, so observing was just a natural consequence of that.
My parents had a friend who's photos were featured in incredible publications, including Nature and Natural Geographic. I began shadowing him, probably annoying him to no end, trying to learn over his shoulder. He eventually gave in and began teaching me the basics. I was 14 at the time. When I picked up a camera I realized I could freeze time. Literally. That appealed to me so much as I always thought a gorgeous sunset or a great hair day were gone much too quickly. I have a wandering spirit, am pretty fearless and full of ideas and curiosity, so photography fit me perfectly.
The photographs I make have meaning to me, and to those for whom I make them.
Yes, I did say a photograph is "made". That's ok, you can roll your eyes. It does sound pompous. But anyone can snap a picture. Real photography takes skill, thought and practice. Real photography isn't just pretty. It tells a story and draws you in. I used to roll my eyes too, until I began to take photography seriously. Then I realized the truthfulness of it. If you have been moved by a photograph, you're seeing that in action.
Learning photography is like any other kind of skill or talent. To illustrate, just because you have nice paint brushes, it doesn't make you a good artist. It takes dedication, education, experimentation, some sort of natural talent, and even failure to get good at something. And it takes time.
A question I get often is if this is my "passion". I would say life is my passion, and this is a means to create meaningful, wonderful, lasting memories within that.
Every client and every session is important to me. I know that moment and that emotion and that milestone that I'm capturing for you is a one time happening.
I feel so incredibly fortunate every day that I can do this for a living.
I want to make your photography experience a good one. I will give you guidance and help you get comfortable in front of the camera. I'm flexible and creative and a collaborator so if you have ideas, I want to hear them. There are no dumb ideas so don't be shy.
Being a professional isn't something I say so I can charge you. Being a professional means being transparent, ethical and accountable. You can feel confident that your satisfaction with the entire experience you have with me is a high priority.
Also, it will be fun. I promise.

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