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Beautiful Wedding Photography Vancouver

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What a beautiful day for a beautiful wedding. Even the drizzly weather didn’t dampen the day. It was a great group of people,  We were so happy to be able to capture so many beautiful moments and such a milestone in your lives together.  It was so nice getting to know you both at your engagement session and during your wedding day. We wish your beautiful little family a very happy, love filled and united future with many, many adventures and travels!

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Beautiful Wedding Photography Vancouver

There are some milestones and key moments in life that really should be preserved. You can’t stop time and seal it in a jar, but you can definitely capture the emotion and memories with good photography. Wedding photography is very different that any other kind of photography. You can’t re-do your wedding day and there’s only one, very fast paced opportunity to get it right.

Weddings are special for so many reasons. There’s so much of yourself that goes into planning your wedding. Not to mention the time, stress and money. It’s the one time in your lives when you will have all of your most important people in your lives together with you.  It’s a real commitment in joining lives and celebrating with friends and loved ones.

Life seems to just rush by, and it just seems to keep speeding up doesn’t it? Looking through your photos is a great way to slow down and reflect on the great moments. The moments that fill life with meaning and contentment. Your wedding day is one of those moments. It will come and go before you know it. So your wedding photography is what will keep those memories alive and let you relive one of the most beautiful moments of your life!

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Beautiful Wedding Photography Vancouver