Vancouver Photography – They’re Engaged!

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Vancouver Photography for weddings and engagements

Would you just look at this beautiful engagement session! Right in Stanley Park during the most spectacular evening light I have had the pleasure of shooting in, in a long while. Right the throws on a stunning autumn, it all just came together for us on this evening. Beautiful couple, lots of laughing and fun and a great shoot all around. 

Now that you are both all relaxed and loosened up in front of the camera, I know your wedding is going to be such a great time to photograph! I am really looking forward to it 🙂


Professional Vancouver Photography

Are you getting married? Professional Vancouver photography doesn’t have to be out of your budget. Packages to fit almost every couple. Experienced, fun and with a strong focus on capturing your story and your personalities. Engagement sessions are important so you’re ready to rock your wedding day photos, and almost all the packages include a free session! Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Your wedding day has your heart and soul poured into it. From the first stages of planning to the last song, everything about your day will have consumed your life for months before. Keep those memories so you can relive the love, emotion and fun of you day any time you want. Your families and friends will all be together for one day, to celebrate your love and support you as you share your vows.

Your pictures will be your most beloved keepsake. Wedding photos are not the same as any other kind of photographer. Don’t regret not hiring a professional wedding photographer. A real pro like me will make your engagement session a fun, relaxed training session for your wedding day. And I love engagement sessions, because for most couples it is their first family photo session, and they get hooked! Time stops or slows for no man. It’s awesome to have your photos to look back on when you feel time is getting away from you.

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