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Telling your wedding day story from the I do’s, we did’s, that was fun’s, and we weren’t expecting that’s! It’s all about the moments.
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Vancouver Wedding Photographer Vancouver Wedding Photographer


Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Trusted, experienced, recommended. People’s choice wedding photographer. The Knot featured wedding photographer. 

Your pictures are your memories. After all your investment of time, effort, love and money, it’s what will remain with you of your day. And your pictures will remain with you forever. Maybe Uncle Bob with the nice camera isn’t the best option. After all, it’s not just about the camera. I have some mighty nice paint brushes, but I am no Van Gogh.

Hiring a professional Vancouver wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions of you wedding day. I have been doing this a long time and learned quickly that if you connect with my work, you will also connect with me. Every wedding is unique. Therefor every wedding is developed around the personalities of each individual couple. That’s why there is so much variety in the wedding pictures you see on my site.

Yes it’s also true that a wedding is a wedding. They are all composed of basically the same elements. But each wedding is lovingly and painstakingly personalized. Whether it’s a black tie affair or a backyard intimate gathering, there is a ton of planning that goes into it. After all the planning, stress, and money you pour into making it your best day ever to enjoy with the people you love the most, you will only have your pictures left.

Why hire a Vancouver wedding photographer? 

Your wedding photographs are the most important keepsake of your day. In fact, it will most likely end up being your only keepsake of your day. This takes a lot of trust and leap of faith. I know that to be true. I will deliver a beautiful set of wedding photos that will bring back the memories and emotion of the day. Being a professional is more than just snapping pictures. Real wedding photography is about telling your story. I’ll strive to give you the best vendor experience possible as well. I want your experience with me to enhance your day.

Most of my packages include a free engagement session. I began adding this freebie as an added value to my clients a year or so after I began my career as a Vancouver wedding photographer. The reason I did so was because I saw such a marked difference in the wedding day end result. My couples were much more relaxed. And that really resulted much more treasured photo albums. I found everyone was pleased with how they looked! 

Don’t forget that your wedding photographs are the one thing that will remain with you forever. Doesn’t that make investing in a professional Vancouver wedding photographer (or wherever you’re getting married) the most important investment of your day?

Do you have questions, or are you ready to book me as your Vancouver wedding photographer? Use the contact form for fastest response. Or you can text or call. Check out the contact page.

Recommended Vancouver Wedding Photographer

A big thanks to my amazing past clients for making me a top recommended Vancouver wedding photographer! I hope to continue to exceed the expectations for the couples who place the trust of their wedding day memories to me.

It is always a treat to see my wedding couples after the big day. I love hearing about good news, awesome and enviable honey moon adventures and life developments. And what a pick up to my days when I get asked to do family or maternity sessions. Although I don’t advertise for lifestyle photography (I just don’t have time for both), I do sessions for existing clients. I have had the pleasure many times of becoming “the family’s photographer”. It’s really a pleasure to get to know couples, their families and their friends and see their faces time and again at weddings and for other important life events.

The trust that you place in me when choosing Fotogratopia to capture such important moments for you is not something I take lightly. My clients are real people, not simply another deposit in the bank. Your wedding day memories are important, you are individuals, your wedding has details unique to you. Thanks for keeping me among the top recommended Vancouver wedding photographer.

Wedding Photography is Important.

Your wedding day is the first day of your “official” happily ever after. Documenting this day for you to happily look back on is one of your most important investments. Unlike any other part of your wedding, your photos are the one tangible piece of your day that will remain with you forever, and will be picked up and admired over and over. Even your great grand kids will ooh and aah over awesome wedding day pictures.

You’ve paid attention to every little detail, and you will look more beautiful as a couple on this special day than on any other day of your lives together. You will gather the most important people in your lives to share it with you, whether your wedding is a small, intimate affair, or a large one full of family and friends. Good wedding photography is more than just formals and details. It’s about your story. The retelling of your day over and over. The emotions, the love, the unexpected, the people gathered to enjoy the day with you and the spontaneous moments. All of those things will comprise your wedding day album.

Having a nice camera doesn’t make a professional!

I have said it several times, and I’ll keep repeating it. There is so much more to good wedding photography than people realize. From the days of film to our digital age, photography has always been about more than the equipment you have in your hand. A great photograph is created, not taken. Yes, it does sound a little eye roll worthy and pompous, but it IS the truth.

The digital age is here, and that makes everyone a pro. Right? No. No it really doesn’t. And even the most amazing landscape photographer is not a great choice for your wedding. Weddings are a completely different beast. There is no do-over for your wedding day. There’s no second first kiss, no re-faking emotions because the shot was missed and so forth. Weddings are fast paced and highly emotional. It takes experience and practice to get a true memory book from your wedding pictures.

Learning to read light and use it to your advantage takes years of practice. Recognizing patterns and textures and how they work for you and against you. Keeping in mind that every photograph should tell a story gives your photos depth beyond something just aesthetic. And a true photographer will never shoot in auto or semi automatic mode. A true photographer knows what they want to achieve and highlight in each image, and makes it happen on purpose. That is one of the main reasons for you to hire a professional Vancouver wedding photographer.

Weddings are a different beast.

Really, they are. Being a wedding photographer is as much about organization, a little bit of psychology, nerves of steel, and quick reaction time as about the photography. It’s about reading people, anticipating moments and not getting frazzled. Wedding photography is a unique art that takes a special set of people skills. 

As I mentioned already, there are no do overs, the really significant moments come and go quickly, emotions are high, and it takes a certain psychology to be a good professional wedding photographer. So trust me with your wedding photos! I care, I’m experienced and fun – if I do say so myself. I will help you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

While it’s a fact that most of us don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera – yes, myself included – this is one milestone that you’re going to want to power through. And you’re alone. I’ll help you, teach you, guide you and prep you. In that way, when you get your digital album back you will really cherish and enjoy looking through the memories of your wedding day.

Congratulations on your special day, and thank you for considering my services as your Vancouver wedding photographer. I also travel! If you’re having a destination wedding, whether in the Greater Vancouver area or in the tropics or pretty much anywhere else, contact me.


Maybe your good friend or favourite uncle run take great snapshots or travel pictures. And they have a super nice camera. But that’s not the same thing as photographing a wedding. Like I said previously, weddings are a different beast. I have had so many people come up to me at weddings and tell me how much they regret not hiring a pro. Your wedding day is a huge investment – in time, money, effort, love. The memories of your day are best preserved with a beautiful, and complete photo album of your day. From the details and formals, to the key moments of the ceremony to your guests and special moments. – Vancouver wedding photographer – serving the greater Vancouver area, and destination weddings. 

You can see more of my work at The Knot and on Wedding Wire.

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Fotogratopia – Vancouver wedding photographer
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