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Best Vancouver Wedding Photography

Best Vancouver Wedding Photography – What a day!

What a touching day this was! It was the day these high school sweethearts exchanged vows and started a new chapter in life… what’s not to love? This beautiful and elegant wedding brought cultures and families together on this happy and lively day.

Some families are enviably united, and these families are in those ranks. Everyone was happy. Everyone had a part. And everyone looked gorgeous! Can we just take a minute to appreciate how gorgeous this couple is? It really was a day of family celebration. It was such a pleasure to capture so many beautiful memories.

Of course, after seeing the unity and genuine love there can’t be anything but happily ever after!




Best Vancouver Wedding Photography

Your choice of wedding photographer is so important. That’s not just a sales pitch. It’s because after your day is over, after all the planning, after everyone has gone home and you are finally husband and wife, it’s only your photos that will you have. They will be the long lasting tangible reminder of your beautiful day. It’s the day you exchange vows and started this amazing new chapter in your lives.

Time slows and stops for no man. As the years go by, the memories of your wedding day should be ones your treasure and love to look back on. Not only that, but all your loved ones come together to share this momentous day. Also, it will likely be the only day in your lives when you will have all your people together in one room.  Moreover, it is the day you put the most effort into, and it should be a catapult into a wonderful future.

Pictures are reminders

They are memories. A picture freezes a moment, those great little moments that are so special. Certainly, those moments can and should be preserved.

Weddings are a different type of photography from any other. That’s because weddings are emotional and fast paced. There is only one first look, one first kiss, one exchanging of vows. An experienced wedding photographer knows how to capture these moments, and how to anticipate others. Above all a good photographer knows how to make it fun, not a painful, arduous process. In short hiring an experienced wedding photographer is very important!

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